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Sidener Environmental houses full-time service technicians to assist customer product inspections, repairs and replacements with FREE estimates on all equipment sent in for repair.

With over 70 years of combined technical experience with water and waste water products, you can count on Sidener Environmental to properly diagnose any issue with your equipment, no matter how big or small the device.


We also offer On-Site services provided by trained, certified, knowledgeable technicians on a variety of water and wastewater products and equipment.

From programming a chlorine or pH controller to tearing apart a 16” automatic water valve for repair.  Sidener Environmental technicians love a challenge and always strive to fix the customers problem no matter how big or small.

After a brief consultation to determine the issue(s) occuring, a Sidener Environmental service technician will pack up a truck with the appropriate tools to do the job. The service technician will check for chemical, liquid or gas leaks, replace any damaged or worn tubing, o-rings, fittings, or ball/check valves.


Chlorine Detectors require Monthly Maintenance on flour milling services, Sidener Environmental will calibrate the sensors on each chlorine detector.  We also perform monthly calibrations on chlorine detector systems through out the industry.

Water plants have chlorination equipment with Diaphragms, o-rings, tubing, and tubing connections that need to be replaced yearly due to wear and tear.  The components that are used alongside the chlorination equipment such as ball valves, check valves, chlorine sensors, should be calibrated and tested to ensure they are still good.  The customer basically does not want to have to touch any of the equipment, Sidener Environmental performs Annual Maintenance to make sure the equipment is up to its top performance and standard for handling the corrosive chemicals that the water/waste water plants use.  We ensure that the equipment we sell or other companies sell is working so that the water that is distributed in their community, is the best it can be.

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